Happy People in Temple Bar, Dublin!

Happy people. (Photos by David Posor)
Happy people. (Photos by David Posor)

Spring has finally arrived, and also did the good weather. Even here – in the beautiful, green and climatically unpredictable Ireland – the sun appears and stays with us for long periods, inviting people to go out and enjoy with family and friends in parks and beer gardens all over the city.

And no one can deny that the heart is glad when spring arrives: We go out, see the flowers bloom and other people smile. It considerably improves our mood, and because of the beautiful sunlight we feel full of energy, are more eager and enjoy the day an infinite deal more. Indeed, it is proved that good weather increases our levels of happiness since sunshine boosts levels of serotonin – the body’s natural happy hormone.

So, taking advantage of the nice weather and the joy in the atmosphere during Easter, we have gone on the streets of Dublin’s Temple Bar to ask people what makes them happy:

And you? What makes YOU happy? Tell us in the comments!  : – )



by Sonia Pérez and David Posor


  1. The video reminds me of my semester in Dublin. So nice! I want to come back immediately because the life there made me really happy 😉

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