Hacienda, Slattery’s Rathmines March 16th

Meat is murder
Meat is murder
Meat is murder
Meat is murder. Photo Credit: Christoph!

Whether flares being back in fashion influenced Paul Galvin’s decision to return to inter-county football is neither here nor there.

All aboard
All aboard. Photo Credit: Classic Film

What is here is Dublin cover band ‘Hacienda’ and where is there is Slattery’s in Rathmines on Monday 16th March.

Playing the music of The Stone Roses, The Smiths and Joy Division – it’s a baggy way to celebrate little St. Patrick’s Day:

Joining ‘Madchester’ classics will be a selection of songs from some of the finest Irish albums for the day that follows such as:

Whipping Boy:

Hacienda play Slattery’s Rathmines from 9.30 – 1am Monday 16th March.

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