At 9am this morning tickets for one of the world’s most iconic bands, Guns n’ Roses , will go on sale at Ticketmaster for their Slane Castle gig on 27th of May.

Their chosen name for the tour “Not in this lifetime” is perhaps a joke referring to the discontent the frontman Axl and lead guitarist Slash shared since the band’s split in 1996, or perhaps to be taken as a stark reminder of how rare this opportunity is for fans.

Since going their own way Slash and Axl have had mixed success with their solo careers, although it pales in comparison to that of GNR who produced some of the best-selling albums of the late 80’s and early-mid 90’s.

GNR fans are aware of how unlikely this reunion looked this time last year, with songs such as “Crucify the Dead” released by Slash on his self-titled 2010 album which spewed deeply personal lyrics written by Slash and aimed at Axl, such as “your ego cut you til’ you bled” through the voice of Ozzy Osbourne.

Axl And Slash Rome 1988 Use Your Illusion Tour - credit: eszter_kuti, flickr

Axl And Slash Rome 1988 Use Your Illusion Tour – credit: eszter_kuti, flickr

The two appear to have put their differences aside to perform some standalone concerts in California in August 2015 and whether down to the idea of fulfilling the dreams of their fans, feathering the pension fund, or just a return of lust for the great limelight they once lived in, this snowballed into the Not In This Lifetime Tour.

GNR fans will be sure to snatch a ticket at 9am on the dot this morning as the band has a tendency to sell out wherever they travel.

Do you have an appetite for destruction at slane? let us know if you’ll be picking up a ticket this morning.