Netflix has changed the way many of us watch TV, with a growing number now giving up televisions altogether in favour of streaming services like Neflix. However newcomers and even the more seasoned Netflixers have at some stage or another fallen down the rabbit hole of seemingly endless choice it provides. A new website by Griffith College students aims to solve this problem by providing a guide for those bewildered by Netflix’s growing array of offerings.

Top Picks for Netflix has picked the top movies so all you need to do is grab the popcorn! Photo Credit, Ginnerobot (Flickr)

Top Picks for Netflix has picked the top movies so all you need to do is grab the popcorn! Photo Credit, Ginnerobot (Flickr)

The website Top Picks for Netflix was launched this week by third year Journalism and Visual Media students Blathin de Paor and Megan Martin. The website does exactly what the name suggests, providing top picks for the most popular products Netflix offers. The concept behind the website was to provide a resource for Netflix users in Ireland and the UK so that they can use their Netflix account to its full potential. While Netflix continues to grow in popularity, a common complaint amongst its users is that the mixture of older and recent content can make it hard to decide what to watch. In addition much of the content that is advertised as available on Netflix is not available outside of the US.

TopPicksForNetflix solves these problems by removing the confusing element of the product by narrowing down the expansive options into categories that are targeted to the different viewing moods of the user. These options are by no means exhaustive, but act as a guide to help users prioritise what to watch. In addition every item featured on the website is available in full to Netflix users here.

Netflix original content is going from strength to strength, Photo Credit, Matteo Bittanti (Flickr)

House of Cards is just one of the original series featured on Netflix, Photo Credit, Matteo Bittanti (Flickr)

The website features three main sections, Top Movies, Top Series and Top Netflix exclusives, which feature categories like Top Oscar Picks, Top Series for Binge Watching and even random Netflix originals you may not be aware of like the Netflix Spoiler Foiler. Each section provides a full snapshot of all the content featured, with a short description and trailer so that users can decide within minutes whether they want to watch something or not.

Spoiler Foiler

 House of Cards Spoiler Foiler on

If you just got a Netflix membership or have had one for a while and want to make sure your accessing the best of what Netflix has to offer this is where you should start. See here to visit the website and find the best picks for you.