The death toll continues to make shock waves around the world after the virus made headline in china. Over 811 people died in china according to a report by The New York Times.. The coronavirus first was detected in the Wuhan, china Many international airports have stopped made transit flight to China and the incoming flights from the country has also been stopped.  In the midst of all, Griffith College has made an announcement that their Chinese students who are yet to arrive at the college are request not to come to the college given the situation. The students who have recently arrived from china or have taken a transit from there are requested to seek help from the medical professional. They have taken other measures to ensure the safety of the student living and studying at the campus. They have put important information on our moodle account. The college is monitoring with the help of the management where they have to install 40 hands cleaner in all the buildings of the college. They have also given the information about its signs and prevention if there is a chance some might get infected. However, the good news is the virus has not been seen in Ireland.

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