Goodbye Griffith!


I don’t know whether to be beyond excitement or frightened for my life! Three years have flown by which means… We are graduating! I thought this day would never come. However, I find myself strangely conflicted with finishing college as it means one thing – I am becoming an adult.

I started college after just turning 18 and grew up fast when I went from my small town and school in Kilcock in Kildare to Griffith College in Dublin. In my town everyone knows everyone. No one is a stranger. I went from knowing everyone around me to only knowing one girl in my class, my safety blanket for the first few weeks, Claire Sheeran. It was odd looking around you and not knowing a single person. We chose to study Journalism and Visual Media which was completely new territory for us. We were being thrown into the deep end. However, I think this benefited us. We were forced to introduce ourselves to complete strangers and ,luckily for us, this would be the start of some life-long friendships. We had a brilliant class full of amazing people of all ages and nationalities. You learned something new and exciting from every person you met.

I took a lot of the time for granted, I blame my laziness. I always left assignments to the last minute and found myself in a panic trying to get it done in time which is one thing I will not miss. Cramming has aged me! All of the all-nighters have not been good. But all of the hard work will pay off and I will be glad I did it. Hopefully I have actually learned things, not just fluked my way through, and won’t be completely useless! Commuting on an hour long bus or train journey was not the most pleasant thing and it was painful having to get up at 6.30am most mornings.

There have been plenty of ups and downs but I don’t know how to go from having fun with amazing people to the real world full of responsibilities and the hunt for a job in the media industry. I wish I could stay in college forever… When I say this though I realise something. The thing I am really going to miss is the people and the friends that I have made. I am going to miss lounging in the cafeteria doing absolutely nothing, because I was with the friends I made. I will truly cherish the memories.



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