Glitter Hole: Interview with the founder of a Queer Variety show in Dublin

Cayla Williams

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Drag Queen with Red Wig
Glitter Hole Performer, Ryan — Photo Credit: Glitter Hole

Glitter Hole, a queer feminist variety show in Dublin, hosts a platform for LGBTQ and female performers.

Offering drag performances, stand-up comedy, ‘beauty pageants’, musical acts and more, Glitter Hole aims to be an inclusive, non-discriminatory space that embraces all identities and gives performers and guests an opportunity to express themselves.

A relatively young event, Glitter Hole made its debut in November 2016 and is expecting its fifth show on Pride weekend this June.

Located in Jigsaw, a DIY venue on the north side of Dublin, entry is inexpensive (though competitive as attendance has been exceeding capacity), and drinks are BYOB.

Learn more about the inspiration behind Glitter Hole, its aims and how it fits in to the current LGBTQ scene in Dublin in the below interview with Glitter Hole founder, Beth Hayden.

Drag Queen dancing
Glitter Hole Dancer and Drag Performer, Daniel — Photo Credit: Glitter Hole
Woman with mic
Glitter Hole Stand-up Comedian — Photo Credit: Glitter Hole
Three Drag performers
Glitter Hole performance with co-founder, Daniel — Photo Credit: Glitter Hole
Woman in striped shirt
Beth Hayden, Founder of Glitter Hole — Photo Credit: Beth Hayden

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