Ghost stories for the Digital Age

Remember the old ghost stories? Those scary stories your friends may have told you or maybe your parents to lend a little gravitas as to why you had to go to bed. Of course some stories are scarier than others and many have been relegated to the status of urban legends like Bloody Mary, the Hook Man and The Slit Mouth Woman.

In this modern world, one would be forgiven for thinking that ghost stories don’t have a place anymore but you would be wrong. The traditional campfire tales have gone digital and new more terrifying monsters have emerged from the shadows of the internet. With that in mind, allow me to present to you a little sample of these terrors of the modern night.

Laughing Jack


This ghoulish creature is Laughing Jack, and his story is a particularly tragic one. Many years ago in London their lived a boy named Isaac who wanted a friend more than anything else in the world. One Christmas morning he awoke to find a small brightly painted wooden box at the foot of his bed, and upon opening the box Laughing Jack burst forth in a shower of confetti and multi-coloured smoke. Isaac was shocked by the brightly coloured clown and asked him his name. “Why I’m Laughing Jack Isaac, and I’m here to be your best friend forever!” Jack and Isaac became fast friends because Jack liked all the same things Isaac did and always would. They spent every day playing together until the day came when Isaac was sent the boarding school and he left Jack behind with the promise he would come back to play with him. Thirteen years would pass with Jack left alone in his box, his bright colours slowly bleeding into a monochrome as he felt the crushing loneliness of the separation from Isaac.
When Isaac returned home at long last, Jack barely recognised the stern young man who had once been his best friend and Jack soon discovered that Isaac had forgotten about him. Isaac had become a serial killer and Jack watched in fascination as Isaac played with his new ‘friends’, slowly learning the new ‘games’ his best friend forever liked to play.
One evening, Isaac discovered the old box and upon turning the crank, Jack reappeared. Twisted by Isaac’s wickedness, Jack decided to play with Isaac one last time. Jack brutally murdered Isaac that night, but not before breaking his teeth with a hammer, cutting out his intestines to make balloon animals, vomiting a torrent of cockroaches into Isaac’s open chest cavity before finally ripping his heart out. Jack’s final words to Isaac were “it’s been a blast kiddo but our time together is up. No need for tears though, cause I plan to spread my friendship to all the lonely kids around the world!”

Jeff the Killer

The full story of Jeff the Killer would take too long to tell but here are the bare bones of his tale.

Jeff’s family had just moved to a new neighbourhood, he and his brother had been invited to a birthday party of one of the local children later on that week. Before the party, Jeff and his brother had a run in with the local bullies and Jeff broke one of the boy’s wrists. The bullies swore revenge on Jeff and at the party they took their revenge by dragging Jeff away from the party, covering him in bleach, vodka then setting him on fire.

Go to Sleep
Go to Sleep

Once Jeff is sent home from the hospital, his mother walks in on him in the bathroom and is stunned into silence when she sees his face. His skin is white from the bleach that was poured onto him, he has cut away his lips and cheeks so he “can always smile” and has cut off his eyelids so he never has to go to sleep again. Jeff turns to his mother, his eyes and mouth still bleeding and asks “Am I pretty now mommy?” “yes you are sweetheart” she replies before running to her husband and screaming “honey get your gun, something is wrong with Jeff…” she turns and sees Jeff standing with a knife in his hand, that bloody grin leering at her. “Mommy, you lied” is all Jeff says before rushing forward and guts both of his parents.
Jeff’s brother, woken by the sound of his parents being killed, tries to come to their aid but is pinned to his bed by Jeff, who whispers as he raises his knife “Shhhhhh……go to sleep”

The Slender Man

Don't Look
Don’t Look

The Slender Man is a creature of unknown origins that seems to delight in stalking its victims. Appearing as a tall, over eight feet tall by some accounts, impossibly thin man in a black suit with a blank featureless face. The story goes that the Slender Man stalks those who look at its terrible blank face and over a period of years it drives them insane until one day it takes its prey. Those it takes are never seen again and many speculate as to their ultimate fate but none know the truth save for the Slender Man itself.

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