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So I had a whole other blog post half written namely: Things we’ll all miss about our college days’ and I took a break and went to stalk some beautiful people on Facebook. As this is my last one, I wanted to write a memorable one -either TRY to be hilarious or write something that would relate to everyone – but after spending over an hour creeping on my friends, old and new, I felt compelled to write about time past and gone. This isn’t going to be funny, so if you’re expecting a couple of chuckles, you’ll have to look elsewhere on my fabulous classmates articles. I don’t really know where this is going, but I felt I needed to shine some light.


We all do it – we log on to Facebook and see people’s lives flash before our eyes. Many who you were never actually friends with, and if you were to meet them on the street you wouldn’t even exchange hello’s and then there’s the one’s that once upon a time, you couldn’t imagine your life without. In reality we can  calculate the number of real friends we have on our hands, but somehow we magically have over 700 in the virtual world. And as long as we’re liking each others pictures and status’ we’re friends and everything is dandy. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m getting a little tired of it.


As I was stalking my own timeline (we all do it lads, stop judging me), I delved back into the depths of 2009 – over six years ago. Comments, pictures and treasured memories engulfed the cockles of my little heart and I felt an overwhelming urge to BAWL crying. The people that I used to be indecently close to, the people who I talked to and spent every weekend drinking southern comfort with in an old mans pub, the people who I grew up with and had secret handshakes, deep-meaningful-conversations at four in the morning are no longer in my contact list on my phone. Now the only time that I feel close or connected with them is through a stupid Snapchat or insignificant like on Facebook.


Memories (Photo Credit: Susan Knox)

Memories (Photo Credit: Susan Knox)


Time goes by way too quickly and the memories are starting to fade. So many of these people who now seem insignificant to our lives were once upon a time the one’s who gave us the life advice we needed, the ones who picked us back up after we made a HOLY show of ourselves or after that boy or girl never text us back. The classmates who we spent every minute with, day in day out – all the in jokes that nobody else gets, the breaking of windows and vandalizing school equipment, winding up the teachers and consoling one another when shit hits the fan – all of us have drifted a part on our trip to ‘adulthood’.


We grow older, we post more selfies, we show off our lives, we spend more time putting up Snapchat stories and taking pictures than actually having the craic with our old chums. Most of us portray versions of ourselves that we wish other people to see, and more often than not its this that pushes people further away because its so far removed from the person who you once knew back in the day.


So the whole point of this rant I guess is to say to whoever is reading this –  the old friends – the Inistiogers, the past and present drinking buddies (everyone basically), school friends (The Mercy Girls, we wear out hair in curls), college friends (UCC crew – you know who you all are), the Corconians, the Sexy Wexy’s and St. Mullins hunz, the Graig few and the New Ross townies. To the new Griffith gowls and all those in between. To my gay best friends, the many hilarious housemates, the Starbucks squad and the one’s who have moved overseas. To the family far and away and to the loves lost – I’ll most definitely REGRET writing this CHEESE in a few days time – but even though we may not talk to each other on a regular basis, or at ALL even, those times will never be forgotten, and neither will any of you (there’s way too much photographic evidence anyway).

Can we all go back in time please and start the craic all over again please? Just saying.

DAYUM photo credit

DAYUM photo credit

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