Freelancer vs Employee: What you need to know about working in a large company?

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Freelancing is trendy. People are gradually showing more confidence in quitting their jobs to start working on a freelance basis. Independence over working schedule, amount of workload and lifestyle are among the benefits of freelancing. Many people are dreaming to become their own bosses, however, only some of them dare.

Yes, freelancing is challenging, but, on the other hand, it also brings cash flow issues and perpetual fear. Freelancing is not a work, but a lifestyle with extended predefined working hours. That is certainly not for everybody. The list with challenges and struggles in starting a freelance career could continue. Nevertheless, there are even more reasons to stop working from 8 to 5 in a large company.

Here is what you need to know before giving up with freelancing and starting work for a large corporation.

  1. You will be never satisfied with your career. It is worth considering how many career levels you need to pass to get a certain position. If you are fortunate enough, you can be promoted each year within a company. However, it will take from 5 to 8 years to get a senior manager position if you have started from the entry level. You will spend thousands of hours at work and you will put too much effort working hard, but you will not be satisfied. A feeling of internal resistance will always lead you.

  1. You will learn to spend most of your time in useless meetings. These endless meetings will be your energy vampires – you will never come to any logic conclusion during the meetings. You cannot avoid these daily meetings but everyone knows that they are useless. Your meetings will become a deep routine life; it will be a habit repeated regularly and there will be no power to stop it.

  2. To make a slight change will cost you enormous effort. Have you found a grammar error in your email footer? It will take up to 6 months for a technical engineer to change layout of your footer and hundreds of internal emails with explanations why it should be changed. To correct a simple error takes a lot of time and effort – when you will win this battle, you will forget about satisfaction and next time you will just give up.

  3. You will spend 10 hours at work but you will not be working. You will spend maximum 2 or 3 hours working and the rest of the time you will be convincing yourself and others that you are overloaded with work which is of high importance. The main thing is not to cause any suspicion that you might have anything else important in your life and the work is only a tool to achieve your goal.

  4. You will not be able to express your opinion publicly. You cannot say that the company’s product is bad, even it is bad – this is unethical and breaches company’s policy – you must promote to everyone the only positive sides of the product. You cannot say that your competitor’s product is bad – it is unethical in relation to competitors. It is better to stop commenting at all. All colleagues are very valuable and all products are perfect.

  5. You will hear the word “team” everywhere. Teamwork slogans are created to encourage teammates to work together and achieve greater performance and results. You will learn to hide your incompetence and inexperience in a teamwork. A team will be awarded if you have done the whole project on your own.

  6. You will be taught to send a copy of your email correspondence to as many respondents as possible as long as the issue will not be resolved.

  7. You will become addicted to caffeine and free snacks. You will gain weight and there is an easy explanation to that: stress, coffee and snacks, tasteless lunches and sitting at your desk all day long.

  8. The only day in a week when you will feel happy is Friday. Every Friday starts with a new email correspondence consisting of Friday greetings and happy hour pint beer images. Colleagues greet you: “Thank God it is Friday!” You will also enjoy corporate parties and team building activities. You will be happy to get free drinks and food, and will believe that you have done something special.

  9. You will learn to celebrate company’s victories, however, you will not have any relation to these achievements. You will congratulate everyone and join endless email correspondence with changeless words: “Well done guys! Well deserved!”.

  10. You will always get less than you earn. You can sell thousands of software products but you will have the same salary each month to cover your costs. You will go for a holiday twice a year and you might be lucky to go for a business trip.

Dear coffee and happy Friday lover, if you have a passion for something and want to offer it to the world, forget about the balanced life and grab the chance. Do not be afraid to take a risk – if you never try, you will never succeed!


  1. Dream is always good, but we have to live in reality. Reality is most of us do not have a choice but become an employee.

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