Fives Wonders of the World- That Maybe Unknown?

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The World

We all know the seven wonders of the world. From the Wall of China to the Sphinx of Egypt, these images leave a lasting impression on those who visit them. Geographical magazines highlight these breath taking images but what about the places that go unnoticed?

Check out the following places and see whether you might want to visit these attractions!

1)The Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island of Maldives

Source: Geoffmaterna

While the stars may light up the sky in some cities, the beaches come alive with a glow. There is always something peaceful and calming about being beside the sea but the this magnificent setting brings a sense of no only wonderment but whole new level if serenity; almost as if time has stood still.

While the stars may light up the sky, the Island of Vaadhoo is lit up by ground.

2)White Haven Beach, WhitSunday Islands, Australia

Source: Thomas Bedford

One word to describe this place: Bliss! This beach stretches over seven kilometres of the Whitsunday Island and its sand is 98% pure silica, which gives the beach its glow. It is truly a piece of paradise

3)Ephesus, Turkey

Source: Ruggero Poggianella

Forget Rome! Ephesus is the place that allows you to step back in time and feel as if you are wandering down the street of a Roman built city. With Theatres that are still standing, buildings still intact down to the engravings on the stones, Ephesus is an experience in itself.

4)Siem Reap, Cambodia: Temples of Angkor

Source: Aslifegoesby3

Tightly linked with the Khmer Empire, which is believed to have fallen around the 9th to the 15th century, this exotic and captivating city demonstrates the powerful architecture of its time.

Easter Island
Source: David Adams

5)Easter Island

Located in the Polynesian Islands near the southern eastern Pacific, these monuments highlight the powerful work created by the Rapa Nui People in the first millennium AD. While captivating, the strength of these people there is something almost haunting about this site.

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