Five tips to survive the last week

This is the final week for a lot students this week at Griffith College Dublin. A lot of people of blogging about the good times and the bad. The deadlines and the fun. However, the week is far from over. There are assignments left to work on and friends to have one last pint with before you enter into the world of work or a different. So here are five tips to survive the last week.

1) Know your priorities: Everyone hates to work but it has to done in order to graduate it has to be done. If there is an unfinished assignment, do it as best as you can.

2) Don’t worry: A difficult as deadlines must be met but relax when working. Play a bit of music while. Take  a nice walk to clear the head at break. Otherwise the stress will eat you up and ruin the material you are working on.

3) Spend time with friends: This writer’s prime has been this year despite the hard work and the reason why is because of the friends being there. There are powerful motivators to say you can work and great distractions to make you forget about your work. So kick a ball with them or go to the cinema or even go out at night together because friends are as important as work.

4) Make the last day count: On the final day you have class,  do something special.  That way you will remember the last week forever in a bright life.

5) Enjoy and savour it: Very contradicting words but still true. You don’t want to remember your last week staring at a screen all day. So do your work, have a nice break, work again and reward yourself afterwards with whatever you desire because the last week may be tough but you can’t let it get to you too much. After all, you are  human.

As a journalist you have to give an unbiased opinion but this writer wishes the best of luck to everyone. And remember that, it is not the end of the world after you leave. After all most are still in twenties and to accomplish a three year degree at stage is impressive not just to media figures but to the world.

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