Five Essentials for a Festival

Credit: Steve Gerner, Flikr.

No doubt thousands of people will be flocking to music festivals such as Longitude, Electric Picnic, and Tomorrowland this coming summer. The first things people think of packing are obviously food, clothes, sun cream and booze. I’m going to give you five things that might not even cross your mind when packing. You can thank me later.

Ultra Music Festival. Credit Aleks Zander

 1. Baby Wipes – These will come in handy when you stumble into your tent late at night and remember that you still have your makeup on. A quick wipe across your face and hey presto, you can sleep and not have to worry about waking up with lipstick smeared across your face. They also double as toilet roll if the portaloo’s run out. (And they will!)

2. Duct Tape – This is handy for everything. Especially if your tent gets ripped and you live in a country like Ireland where it rains a lot!

3. Black Bags – The area around and inside your tent will no doubt be filled with rubbish within the first day, bring bin bags to get rid of this. I also used them as make-shift wellies at a festival last year when my wellies were stolen. (Don’t judge me!)

4. Dry Shampoo – Trust me, you will probably be too hungover to go roaming around the campsite in search of the showers, and even if you do find them, there is most likely going to be an hour long queue. This will make you look and feel fresh as a daisy. Just make sure you buy the powder version as some festivals don’t allow you to bring in aerosol cans.

5. Bottled Water – Bring at least two litres of water with you, you do not want to be dehydrated at a festival.

These five things will come in handy no matter what festival you go to, no matter what the weather.  Have you got any suggestions of what to bring with you to a festival?

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