Fifteen awesome tattoo artists

From a certain time, it becomes more and more common to get tattooed. For a small piece with a meaning dear to our heart or to recover our whole body by passion, tattoo has become a real piece of style and an expression of our personal tastes. Therefore, many different styles are now emerging and we see now great tattoo artists from many different styles.

So here are fifteen great tattoo artists from all around the world :

Maxime Buchi London, UK / Boston, USA

Dr WooLos angeles, USA

BA CK tattooingMoscow, Russia

Armelle STBParis, France

Fliquet Renouf Jersey, Channel Islands

Ihearttattoo studiosColumbus, USA

Sasha Unisex Moscow, Russia

Ondrash TattooZnojmo, Czech Republic

Noksi Bordeaux, France

Todd TattooerFrance

Tattooist BanulSeoul, Korea

Bruno SantosDublin, Ireland

Aleksandra JanuszSheffield, UK (soon in Dublin for a few days !!)

Bartek WojdaKatowice, Poland

Kim-Anh NguyenEindhoven, Netherlands

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