Fashion: Top Ten Wardrobe Basics

Cover Photo There’s a lot of noise that comes along with a love of fashion. The entire industry is cultivated around changing trends and buying into the latest craze.

Soon, you’re left with a wardrobe full of hammer pants, flat forms and crop tops – along with the shame of being sucked in to another trend that barely lasted a season. But fear not, there are plenty of pieces that have stood the test of time, and even the fickle fashion industry have yet to turn their back on these classics.

I have compiled a list of the top ten wardrobe basics that every woman should own, so you never need to suffer the embarrassment of showing up in a velour tracksuit and UGG boots circa a million years ago.

The good news is that all of these options are under €100, but don’t feel too guilty about spending more, as these staples will last you a lifetime.

1. Tailored Blazer

Black Blazer
Topshop Blazer – £48. Photo Credit: Wendy Nguyen.

A blazer is a wardrobe basic for many obvious reasons, but don’t feel restricted to just black or navy. A white tuxedo blazer is perfect for making a chic statement.

2. Little Black Dress

Black Dress
French Connection Dress – £70. Photo Credit: Pinterest.

The LBD is long known as a style staple for a reason. Find the perfect one that flatters your figure and fits you like a glove and you will always have something to wear.

3. Ballet Flat

leapord flats
Dune Flats – £59. Photo Credit: Journey Of Style.

The ballet flat is an essential for the busy woman, these days you can pick up a pair for next to nothing and just update your collection each season. I suggest always having a classic black, a fun leopard and a vibrant red.

4. Dark Pants

Dark Pants
Ted Baker Pants – £62. Photo Credit: Pinterest.

Jeans are obviously a wardrobe basic, but something has to be said for a dark pair of pants. Where it be regular dark-wash jeans or a pair of black pants – your wardrobe (and your thighs) will thank you for it.

5. Pointed Pump

Black Pumps
Alessa – €97. Photo Credit: Pinterest.

If you can only have one pair of heels in your wardrobe, let it be a pointed pump. Nude or black are ideal. On the totally other end of the spectrum, your next shoe purchase should be a vibrant show-stopper.

6. Statement Necklace

Statement Necklace
Banana Republic Necklace – €66. Photo Credit: Kristina Bazan.

The statement necklace may be one of the more modern additions to the classic ensemble, but it is a true staple all the same. The beauty about a statement necklace is that you can wear it literally anywhere and it gives an instant lift to your look.

7. Leather Jacket

leather jacket
Topshop Leather Jacket – £55. Photo Credit: Lolobu.

To be honest I think you really need a blazer, a leather jacket and a fab coat, but I’m not doing the top eleven basics – it just doesn’t roll of the tongue as nicely. Tip: try to buy a leather jacket with neutral metals, i.e. black or grey zips instead of gold or silver. It will broaden your options and wear better in the long run.

8. White Shirt

white shirt
Whistles White Shirt – €100. Photo Credit: Vogue.

A crisp white shirt has long been a style staple, but try stepping out of the office and opt for luxurious white blouse instead. Tip: remember to always balance out a loose fitting top with a form-fitting bottom.

9. Striped Tee

striped tee
Vila Striped Tee – €19.95. Photo Credit: Olsens Anonymous.

When it comes to basic tees, I can’t get enough. You should really own a loose fitting white and grey t-shirt too, but you’ll get the most wear out of a striped number. Whoever said stripes were not flattering were clearly mistaken, the right size stripe and fit will flatter every figure.

10. Grey Knit

Grey Knit
Misty Interdee Grey Jumper – €70. Photo Credit: Pavlina Jagrova.

Some kind of cosy knit is definitely a wardrobe essential, a jumper or cardigan – it doesn’t really matter. You would think black would be the first option but I actually find a grey knit a lot more wearable. Like Pavlina above, think layering when wearing this basic.

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