Your Christmas presents packaging usually looks boring or improvised? Are you the one in the family who’s known for a lot of tape or gives the presents to someone else for wrapping them up?We’ve got 3 easy Tips to let your Presents look fabulous this year. If you need a tutorial on how to wrap a present, just wait for our secret tips!

Tip No.1 – Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper may seem plain and boring but thanks to its simplicity, you can spend more attention to the decoration of your present. Besides, you don’t have to worry about weird patterns coming up when folding the paper. This works of course with every plain paper!

Our favourite idea:

  1. Wrap your present in Kraft paper.
  2. Get some pine branches (fake or real) and cut them to a fitting size.
  3. Wrap some twine around a few little branches to hold them together.
  4. Use the same twine to wrap your present. You can go around it a few times if you want to.
  5. Add a pop of Color with some red berries! You can find these in many Dollar Stores around Christmas.

Pictures by Daria-Yakovleva, Anna Helsinki and rawpixel


Tip No.2 – Color Schemes

Especially when you have a lot of presents that will stand together under the Christmas tree, it looks great if you have a Color Scheme for them. This doesn’t mean that you should wrap all your presents in red or that they all should look the same. Just Choose two or three Colors and try to find different wrapping papers, ribbons and decorations in these Colors.

Our favourite method:

  1. Choose one main Color and find different patterns and structures for the Wrapping Paper. For example Red dotted, lined and plain Paper.
  2. Find a vary of different ribbons that compliment the chosen Color. Catching a deeper Red or a pattern das fits to one of your Papers.
  3. Add a few little details to each present to make every single one unique. For example Pinecones, Branches or Wooden Stars.

Pictures by rawpixel and Solan74


Tip No.3 – Boxes

A universal solution for weirdly-shaped presents is buying a box and then wrapping it. But thanks to craft and dollar stores, boxes can save you a lot of work if you have problems with taping together the wrapping paper on a present in general. No matter if glittery, plain or patterned, stores have all kind of boxes around Christmas. With additional decorations like little Bells, stickers and ribbons, you can create your own design.

Our special tip:

Packaging jewellery an be difficult. Get a pretty box and a little bit of fabric. Place the fabric at the bottom of the box, lay the jewellery on it and there you go: Fancy Packaging without the struggle of actually using wrapping paper.

Pictures by Stocksnap and Photo-Mix


Our Secret Tips:

  • Double Sided Tape makes your wrapping look even more professional and polished!
  • Little Details like Ribbons, Branches or Bells can make each present unique.
  • Bad Handwriting? Craft Stores have beautiful stencils that will ease your struggle.
  • Buy all you supplies in one go. This way you are able to see which materials work best.
  • Need help with how to wrap presents in general? We found this great video by Lia Griffith with some amazing tips!

Do you have any secret methods? Are you enjoying wrapping the Christmas presents or is it just annoying? Tell us in the comments!