Family First Before My Prize

Lavender Odinaka Ekweremadu

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The Brown lee brothers shows the world there’s more to family and love than winning a prize in a competition.
Alistair Brownlee, Javier Gomez and Jonathan Brownlee (Photo credit)

We all know how good it can be to win an award. I suppose and it can be challenging as well. Competition comes with so much pride, preparations and can include both winners and losers… (laughs), i believe every one wants to be the winner so he/she can have some media attention and feel good with a personal achievement. There can only be one winner and one loser in any competition excluding those that have ties.

The famous British brothers shows the world that there is more to family and love over the prize, his older brother Alistar Brown lee helped his younger brother Jonny Brown lee come second after he lost control of direction due to heat exhaustion during the Rio Olympics of 2016 it can been seen in the video below that Alistar could have easily passed his brother to become second, but theres more to family and brotherly love than the prize.

After Alistair received  the BBC sports personality of the year he says that

“As a caring older brother I think it was along the lines of ‘you profanity profanity idiot’.

“It’s a split-second decision at that point because there’s no time to think.

“So I picked him up. I’ve been in that position before with heat illness and I just decided to get him towards the finish line.

“Going down the straight I had to start working out the points situation for him to win the world title.

“I was looking behind to see who might catch us up and swearing at him a bit more to get him there.I pushed him across the finish line so he was in front of me – just so that I could push him over face first.”

This shows that there is more to family and love of two brothers than who has the prize.