Human history is basically made of conspiracy theories. Some of them changed the world and made it look like the world we live in today. Others, however, were never brought to daylight. Who was involved in those conspiracies that failed and how could they have changed the history we know today?

If all conspiracies that were planned succeeded, there would probably be no World War II or persecution of Jews, Mao Tze Tung would not have been the ruler of comunist China for so long and Napoleon Bonaparte would have never become an emperor. So, what are the most known ones?

1) Hitler was supposed to be arrested before WWII

Adolf Hitler was one of the most famous dictators in the world’s history. However, his dictatorship2629711091_cc0dfc386c_z would be questionable if the plans set up by the chief of the German intelligence Abwehradmiral Wilhelm Canaris succeeded in his plans to arrest Hitler after he gave a commend to occupy Czechoslovakia . Today, it it believed that this conspiracy was one of the best planned conspiracies before the Valkyrie operation. Apparently, the soldiers were supposed to stage a shooting where one of the bullets would be stray and eventually hit Hitler. However, the conspiracy eventually failed after the Munich agreement.                                 Photo credits: Marion Doss

2) Mao Tze Tung was supposed to be decapitated in 1971

158883188_00085eb3ab_zChineese communist leader almost lost his head in 1971 after the action Project 571. This conspiracy was brought by Lin Linguo, the son of the first and closest Mao Tze Tung’s associate. He was worried that his father might loose his life collaborating with Tze Tung, so he planned the whole conspiracy to kill him.  The plan eventually failed because Mao Tze Tung returned to the capital before it was planned and the whole thing was discovered.

Photo credits: Paolo Colonello

3) Napoleon Bonaparte avoided a dreadful bomb attack aimed at him4431811823_0cef46740f_z

If everything went according to royalists’ and other conspirators’ plan , 24 December 1800 would
be  remembered as the assassination of Napoleon Bonaparte and he would never be adorned with the title of emperor. The conspirators set bombs near Napoleon’s carriage when he went with his wife Josephine to the opera. But with the slow burning fuse, and a drunk driver speeding the  carriage, the couple escaped the explosion that eventually killed 52 people.

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