Exam time: Top 5 tips to get enough sleep

With the end of the semester about to rear its ugly head, the time has come to endure the most dreaded moment of the year: exam time. We’ve all had to take the stress and torture at some point, but for many of us, this exam period is the last. With that in mind, some of us are aiming to have the best exam period we have ever had. One of the most important ways we can do this, is through the power of sleep.

Sleep has the power to make or break a day. With enough sleep, our days are often memorable. Without it, our days could often not get any worse. Here are the 5 best tips I found to help you get the best sleep you possibly could throughout the exam period. Follow these, and you’ll be on your way to success.

Make your bedroom more comfortable – One of the most common issues is the lack of comfort in many people’s bedrooms. Either they use their bed as a place to do their work, or to eat. A bed should only be used as a bed. Relaxing candles and incense also helps. Also, there should be no noise. Noise tends to cause the most issues for those trying to sleep.

Don’t eat before bed – This one would most likely be the toughest one for students. It’s always tempting to have a snack in that hour or two before bed. Unfortunately, it often leads to restlessness in your sleep as your system is trying to digest the food rather than focusing on your sleep. That packet of crisps you want before bed? It’s not worth it. You’ll feel better in the morning without it.


Turn the electronics off – Everyone is guilty of this one, even me. Electronics such as televisions, mobile phones or laptops tend to push your brain to believe that you’re alive and active. So when you try to sleep, you’ll struggle to wind down and get the best night’s sleep. Even if you sleep for hours. Stay off Facebook late at night. It tends to be boring at that time anyway.

Create a ritual – Whether it’s a cup of tea or something a bit more exciting (wink, wink) before bed, it’s important that you have a similar routine before bed each night. Your body will realise what you’re doing and prepare itself for sleep. Also, routines tend to relax you and make life easier to deal with. Keep it regular.

Exercise – This is the word most people hate to hear. The intentions are always there, but an exercise routine never seems to work out. Well, it’s going to help your sleep, so get to it. Even if it’s just 15 minutes a day, it makes your body want to rest and it’s good for your overall well being. You’ll be grateful you tried it out in the long run.

While these tips are considered to be well known and some of the most basic steps you can take, everyone has their own routine. What are some of your bed time rituals, and what do you think doesn’t work?

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