Diceys. Photo credits: Ashley Callery

You’ve probably bumped into one, it can happen to the best of us unfortunately. So watch out and look out for the signs before its too late.

The dreaded word any girl wants to hear: fuckboy.


Basically, a fuckboy is a guy that well basically pisses off the entire population of women on earth by messing with their head and their feelings. They will lead you on and then make you feel like shit after. A fuckboy will do the opposite of what you want a man to do. For example, a fuckboy will lead you on just for ‘hookups’ he will tell you things like he’s ‘‘really into you’’ but he’s ‘’just in a weird place in his life’’ or that he ‘’doesn’t want to deal with ‘’relationship bullshit’’.  By all means, try not to encounter a fuck boy because they only care about themselves and pretend to be really caring and nice when in fact they will screw you over.

So anyway, I thought I’d lend a hand and tell you how to deal with a fuckboys. They don’t believe in labels. What’s wrong with a label? What did labels do to you? Make it official and quit playing like come on. Why are guys so afraid of commitment like seriously I know breaking up is hard but seriously just grow up and stop playing around. This isn’t FIFA this is real life. 

They’re callous, they are the definition of womanizers.  I admit I have not but fuckboys in a good limelight but they know how to please and talk to ladies. 

Basically, he is the definition of a douche. He is the type of guy that uploads an Instagram picture with the caption ‘bros before hoes’ but seriously this is not cool and just please don’t do this. You are being the definition of a schmuck and you just simply need to stop doing this.


Clothing and accessories this is actually important too. It normally tends to be Adidas and earrings.

Fuckboy lingo. This is important. He will slide into your DMS and say stuff like ‘’Wanna come over and watch Netflix?’’ aka Netflix and chill. This will probably lead to Netflix and chil-DREN. 

What happened to a date to the movies or going to grab something to eat? Guys, you need to prove to us that chivalry isn’t dead.

Fuckboys phones will be blingin. I mean come on Drake wrote a song about it. A fuckboy will be constantly getting notifications from the ladies. Fuckboys will be checking facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter and so on. He favourited your tweet well he basically flirting with you. But check his favourites there will probably be another hundred or so girls chilling there.