Top 10 Questions and Answers with Elijah Wood

Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0 / cropped and colour edited

Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0 / cropped and colour edited

“I find redheaded women to be so beautiful! And the combination of red hair and green or blue eyes and freckles is fucking ridiculous. Long live redheads, keep the mutation alive,” says Elijah Wood. Photo: Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0 / cropped and colour edited

The American actor and film producer, perhaps best known as Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, answered questions on the popular social media site, Reddit, Wednesday evening. He also answered redditors less than a year ago. Here’s what Elijah Wood had to say in round two.

The full thread from Elijah Wood’s Reddit “Ask Me Anything” thread is here, but if you just want the top 10 questions he answered and his responses, have a look below.


QUESTION #1 from moonmman: What does Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf) smell like?

Elijah Wood: He smells really good! He smells of a sort of masculine incense. I just…I can’t put my finger on specifically what notes of the scent are there, but there’s something very pleasant about the way that he smells. Incense definitely comes to mind. What an interesting question.


QUESTION #2 from wrongbuton: What was that foaming out of your mouth after you got stabbed by Shelob in The Return of the King? Also, did you use the same Gatorade bong for all 4 seasons of Wilfred, or did they replace it every once in a while?

Elijah Wood: It was not straight up saliva. I can’t remember what the material was but it was probably an equivalent to Alka Seltzer. Maybe it was guar gum. I’m not sure.

I believe we might have a couple, because typically with props in films, especially a prop that ends up getting used a lot, you refer to the one that gets used the most as the “hero” prop (so we had a hero bong) but you typically have a couple in case something happens to the one. I think it gets cleaned. It gets freshened up.


QUESTION #3 from Master_Spoon: What are your views on marriage? I’d imagine you’d be wary given your rough history involving rings.

– Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood: I’ve always loved the idea of marriage. I know it’s relatively modern for people to not reject the notion of marriage, but to sort of eschew the institution by just simply having a relationship and feeling comfortable within the bounds of that relationship. But I’ve always found it a romantic notion, the idea of uniting in front of friends and family with the person that you’re in love with.


QUESTION #4 from ATXPibbleWHY DO YOU HATE ME?! Just kidding. Thank you for taking the time to take a picture with me.

Elijah Wood: I like serious face on occasion. I don’t hate you. Of course!


QUESTION #5 from the_burdman: How do you feel about red heads (redheads)?

Elijah Wood: I love red heads. Apparently there’s a red head day somewhere in Scandinavia, I believe, where red heads congregate from all around and celebrate that they are redheads. And the reality about redheads is that it’s actually a genetic recessive mutation, and apparently, the number of redheads is declining and I am petrified. I find redheaded women to be so beautiful! And the combination of red hair and green or blue eyes and freckles is fucking ridiculous. Long live redheads, keep the mutation alive.


QUESTION #6 from bumble_beer: You never seem to age. Are you scared something like this can happen?

Elijah Wood: I get to turn into Danny DeVito? Fantastic.


QUESTION #7 from Blacksmith_Kid: What was the worst thing that went wrong on the set of LOTR? (Blooper, spill of tea on a costume, accidental sexual position?)

Elijah Wood: We had a variety of minor injuries. My favorite was probably Viggo getting half of his tooth knocked out during a fight sequence, and his insistence on applying superglue to put it back in to keep working.

Elijah Wood

Photo: ParriswellsCC BY 3.0 / cropped and colour edited

QUESTION #8 from hesouryou: What’s your favorite snack food?

Elijah Wood: Nuts. I’m not really a snacker, but if I did snack, like I would make my own trail mix of different nuts because I really like them and they are good for you too. And delicious!


QUESTION #9 from NDaveT: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized Daniel Radcliffes or 1 Daniel Radcliffe-sized duck?

Elijah Wood: You get a gold star for a bizarre question.


QUESTION #10 from delicious_toast: What do you spread on delicious delicious toast?

Elijah Wood: I just had (and this wasn’t on toast) but clotted cream and jam on a scone. Which may be one of the greatest combinations of spreadable items in life. It was on a plane from England. Clotted cream! UGHH so good.


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