Electronic Cigarettes

E-cigarette by Ian Smith
E-Cigarettes Photo Credit, David Khaykin (Flickr)
E-Cigarettes Photo Credit, David Khaykin (Flickr)

Electronic Cigarette (e-cigarette) also known as personal vaporizer, it is getting more and more popular in these days.

What is e-cigarette?

It is a battery-powered device which simulates tobacco smoking, such as cigarette or cigar. E-cigarette converts liquid nicotine into vapor, that the user inhales. It does not contains any tobacco.

E-cigarette became popular due to its unique designs and flavoring liquid nicotine. The liquid nicotine is also known as e-juice or e-liquid, it is a solution of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or polyethylene glycol 400 mixed with concentrated flavors. These are an additive that has been approved for use in food. E-liquid can contain different amount of nicotine, or with no nicotine at all. E-liquid comes with various flavor, it can range from tobacco and menthol to chocolate, coffee, fruits and much more.

Although it was believed that e-cigarette is safer than real cigarettes, and often be treated as an aid in smoking cessation. But the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend that consumers should be strongly advised not to use e-cigarette until a reputable national regulatory body has found them safe and effective.

Up to now, It is legal to import, sell and buy e-cigarette in Ireland. But in many countries e-cigarette is banned due to its health and safety issues. While e-cigarettes may help to avoid many health risks of smoking tobacco, they still give users a dose of an addictive substance. Regulatory authorities are struggling to classify e-cigarettes and introduce the right controls.

Do you think e-cigarette is a healthier choice or a dangerous device with hidden risks for smokers?

Some say vaping e-cigarettes is worse than smoking fore real



  1. Both Cigarette and e-cigarette are bad choice for health.

    One is proven to kill, another might kill.

    Quit ..is the best choice.

  2. E cigarette is a tools helping smoker to quit smoke and as well as good for 2nd hand smoker . Sometimes we are not smoker but our friends is causing us to inhale harmful smoke of tobacco.we hope this may help them quit smoking habits

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