Electric Picnic 2014: 5 acts that you have to see

Line-up for Electric Picnic

Line-up for Electric Picnic

Surely we can all agree that Electric Picnic is Ireland’s best summer festival? Even before its death and brief resurrection, Oxegen was a chav-filled mess, while Body & Soul is too hipster-y. Indiependence is always a wash-out, Longitude is uncomfortably stuffed inside Dublin’s Marley Park and Daytripper is in Waterford, which I’m not even sure counts as civilisation. Electric Picnic however is in lovely, spacious Laois. It’s fairly central and last year brought diverse legends like Bjórk, Arctic Monkeys and er… Fatboy Slim to Ireland. Today we got a first look at the 2014 line-up and thanks-be-to-Jesus it looks like another unmissable Picnic. Here’s some of the acts that you HAVE to check out at the festival this August…

These two are hip-hop royalty and it was pretty obvious they’d make an appearance at Picnic ever since they announced they’d be playing 40 shows this year. Performances of ‘Hey Ya!’ and ‘The Way You Move’ are going to get everybody dancing. Not to mention this absolute classic:

FKA Twigs
She’s a mysterious one, that FKA Twigs. Like Sade got caught up with James Blake, Twigs has a unique brand of nu-R’n’B-electro-chill or something cool like that. If she can sound this good in Mexican ruins, imagine how good she’ll be in one of the EP tents

(ED: Mexican ruins are highly likely to have better sound systems than most festivals…)

St. Vincent

She just played Dublin last month, as well as playing last year’s EP. Annie Clark can’t seem to get enough of the Irish crowds! She’s switched up her style since last year’s collaborations with the legend that is David Byrne and her recent show at the Olympia is one of the best gigs I’ve ever seen.

If you’re old enough (like me!) to have grown up on trip-hop, then Portishead are already venerable Gods to you. They’ve only managed three albums since 1991 but each one of them is close to being chilled-out perfection. Why oh why did the 90’s have to end?

We’re a little light on big name indie rock at Picnic thus far, but I’m sure organizers will sort it out before August. Last year saw Foals go in to full on major label mode and the on-stage showmanship has gone through the roof. Fans of the old stuff may not be so happy, but they’re bound to put on an entertaining set.

Tickets for this year’s Electric Picnic go on sale at 7p today from Ticketmaster.

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