E-cigarettes – a new addiction or a saving grace for smokers?

Electronic cigarette and a broken cigarette
Electronic cigarette and a broken cigarette/TBEC Review/Flickr

This is a subject matter that’s close to my heart because for a long time I had tried unsuccessfully to give up smoking. It was a habit that I enjoyed but also didn’t like (if that makes sense). It always played on my mind that smoking isn’t healthy and can cause so many serious health problems. Towards my late twenties I told myself that once I reached thirty I would give up smoking for good. That day came and went and I found myself being annoyed and frustrated at my many failed attempts to kick the habit.

Cigarette butts
Cigarette butts/Curran Kelleher/Flickr

One day I got a call from a close friend of mine in the states, she told me she had had some tests and she had been diagnosed with lung cancer, we spoke at length about the treatment and surgery that she would undertake in the weeks ahead and towards the end of our conversation she pleaded with me to give up smoking. That was the turning point for me. She smoked cigarettes for 29 years and had started vaping (smoking E-cigarettes) and it seemed to work for her. I had booked flights to the states to visit her two months later and thought I’d set myself a goal. I quit smoking cigarettes and starting vaping on the 26th of April 2014.

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It was a good experience for me as I have never looked back since then. I know some may consider it a new addiction and to a certain point I do too but I also feel a lot healthier and don’t feel out of breath or smell of cigarettes. More recently it has been playing on my mind that vaping may not be the best idea, on one hand it has given me the support to give up cigarettes but on the other hand it seems to be a new addiction, glamorized by all the various types and flavors of e-liquids for vaping as well as fancy tanks and colorful batteries. It’s surprising to see the amount of people who are vaping now, be it on a night out, while driving or simply walking along the street.

E Liquid
E Liquid/TBEC Review/Flickr

The World Health Organisation and many experts do not support E-cigarettes and have warned of the health risks as a result of vaping. For me, the E-cigarette has changed my life and helped me kick a habit that I simply could not do on my own, but on reflection a year later, I can’t help but think that I have subjected myself to a new habit that I cannot kick anytime soon.

I’d like to hear from smokers, former smokers, vapers, former vapers, or non vapers/smokers.



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  1. Could E-cigarettes be viewed as a stepping stone such as Nicotine patches/gum etc.? Is the end goal not to stop completely?

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