Dublin trio Hare Squead paving the way for Irish Hip Hop

Emma Louise Nolan

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Jessy Rose, Lilo Blues and Tony Konstone. Photo Credit: @haresquead

Hip Hop is a huge part of my life and I’m sure like many devotees my love for the genre goes far deeper than just the music itslef. Hip Hop has taught me so much about the world we will live in.

One of raps biggest criticisms from people outside the culture is that it’s just about violence, money, drugs and sex. My retort would be; have you been outside recently? Have you looked at what kind of society we live in? Violence is, has, and always will be a major part of human society. A good proportion of people in the world today concentrate their lives on gaining riches and acquiring material wealth. Many people do drugs and alcohol to escape the monotony of the daily grind. The Health Research Board of Ireland  say the drug market in Ireland is valued at €800 million and that nearly 10% of the adult population in Ireland (aged 15–64) have tried cocaine at least once. Furthermore, Psychologist Terri Fisher found that the average man thinks about sex 19 times day. Hip Hop hasn’t caused these issues; it just reflects them.

Last night I attended the launch of Bulmer’s new bevvy offering Outcider, a slick new apple flavoured cider marketed at a younger, more savvy generation that it’s big brother Bulmer’s Original. The secret event took place in Number Twenty Two South Anne Street.

Hare Squead performing at the launch of ‘Outcider’.

As a true hip hop devotee I was ecstatic to see Hare Squead performing and they literally blew the roof off the place. Hare Squead are one of the most hyped hip hop acts on the island at the moment and are widely acclaimed to break into the global billboard charts after recently signing a record deal with Columbia Records UK.


Dublin boys Hare Squead have found a way to channel an eclectic love affair with music into an infectious and dominating pop sound, along with explosive live shows. Musicians from a young age Lilo Blues, Tony Konstone, and Jessy Rose came together through a love of skate boarding.

The lads, who are from Tallaght and Blanchardstown, mix RnB, hip-hop, soul and pop to create one of the freshest and most unique sounds you’ll hear in this country. The lads say the main musical inspiration behind their unique sound is Tyler the Creator. Tyler is a renowned hip hop star and the boys say its his unique personality and outrageous lyrics that inspires them to do whatever the fuck they want.


The trio have plans to dominate the global hip hop scene; “We don’t just want to be a local act. We want to be international as fuck.” ‘International as fuck’ isn’t far off. The boys sold out a massive gig at Dublin’s Button Factory back in September and have just finished touring around Europe with Dua Lipa, which has granted them epic exposure in the UK. They’re living life in the fast lane for sure.

It’s go go go for the lads at the mo. 

The lads were also featured on legendary radio station Hot 97 with Breakfast presenter and hip hop fanatic Ebro Darden. Hot 97 is New York City’s biggest and most renowned hip hop station with a global reach. Ebro himself is a massive fan of the boys and sees their potential as unstoppable.


Take my word for it these boys are about to blow up. Their latest single Herside Story is an absolute banger and all about those summer vibes.

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Emma Louise Nolan