Chinese Acupuncture photo  Credit, Integrative Veterinary Ca (Flickr)

Chinese Acupuncture photo Credit, Integrative Veterinary Ca (Flickr)

Stroke First aid ( Chinese Acupuncture)

 Sometimes we might encounter a situation where our friends or relatives got a sudden stroke and passed away or in a critical conditions. Please read the following to find out what the Chinese medicine has to say about the first aid for stroke , you may have save someone’s life when this happen around you.

When someone had a stroke, their brain capillaries will slowly break down. If you ever encounter this situation, do not panic. Do not matter where the patient is, you must not move him around, because it will accelerate the micro vascular rupture. Start blood-letting immediately. Blood-letting was a traditional acupuncture method which means withdrawal of often small quantities of blood from a patient to cure or prevent illness and disease.

Steps to blood-letting a stroke patient:

1. Let the patient sit up to prevent further fall.

2. Prepare an injection needle or sewing needle, and then sterilize it with fire.

3. Penetrate the patient’s ten fingertips with the needle. (there is no fixed acupuncture points, just        around 0.33cm distance from the fingernails). In case the blood does not come out, you can                squeeze the patient’s fingertip with your hands. Make sure the ten fingertips bleed, and after               few minutes, the patient should awake.

4. Wait for ambulance arrive.

If the mouth is crooked, pull the patient’s ear until it become red. Use the needle and prick two times on both ear lobe, squeeze two drop of bloods out on each ear. The patient’s mouth should restitution.

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