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Captain Spaulding, sinister clown from The Devil's Rejects. Courtesy of Jim Packer (Flickr)

There are a lot of movie websites out there.

IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes have large chunks of the market cornered and rightly so, they offer a wonderful service. But unfortunately these sites don’t always cater effectively for those of us with bizarre tastes.

Personally, I don’t want to read a review for a willfully depraved horror movie as written by a failed director turned pretentious critic. On Rotten Tomatoes and in many newspapers, that is the risk you run. One of my favourite films of all time, The Devil’s Rejects, was described by The Culture Magazine  (a pull out from The Sunday Times) as being ‘by sadists for sadists’ and given a rating of zero out of five. No doubt, The Artist received a glowing tribute in that same publication. Well feck that.

Captain Spaulding, sinister clown from The Devil's Rejects. Courtesy of Jim Packer (Flickr)
Captain Spaulding, sinister clown from The Devil’s Rejects. Courtesy of Jim Packer (Flickr)

The Devil’s Rejects was awesome and whoever wrote that review was clearly a clown (and not the entertaining, depraved kind we like).

Such reviews are about as useful to me as a third nipple. They don’t cater to my tastes and they don’t understand the genre.

It isn’t just horror movies that are subject to such a fate. Science Fiction offerings and Dark Comedies are equally prone to suffer the whims of those who deem such genres immoral or unworthy.

Equally, there’s the plastic crowd: Those who would prefer to explore yet another bland Rom Com starring Gerard Butler and one of the arse cheeks from the Kardashians.

That’s fair enough.

But we have a website now. So don’t complain when we add a section to our site for the sole purpose of decrying such crappy art-house and Rom-Com movies!

The B Horror movie is a thing of beauty with its own rules, sense of humour and lessons to teach us. Low budget Sci-Fi often says more about the state of the world and its populace than any other genre of film and the dark comedy tells us that satire isn’t entirely dead after all. We also plan to offer reviews on the odd Box Set should we encounter something particularly good or particularly bad.

We’ll be uploading weekly podcasts as well as regularly updating our website with fresh content and reviews.

Come into the darkness and never mind the cold breath at the base of your neck. That’s just Diarmuid. Or his skinless doppelgänger….

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