Dangerous reality Tv show: ‘BigBrother Nigeria’.

Lavender Odinaka Ekweremadu

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Big Brother Naija, formerly known as Big Brother Nigeria, is a reality TV show based on the  Big Brother TV series in which 12 contestants live in an isolated house and compete for a large cash prize worth $100000. Since this reality show started there has been up and downs if the reality TV should continue to be aired as its driving negative impacts on Nigerian youths or any other nationality watching it. This show is aired to see how 12 different individuals can struggle living as one by giving them tasks, but it seems that these contestants are just here practically doing nothing, always arguing, having sex and causing problems for each other, they are practically doing the opposite of what everyone though because these is only teaching the youths in Nigeria ‘silly and abusive behaviour’.

Nigerians have always called for the removal of these reality Tv and recently the ongoing reality show which is ‘Big Brother Nigeria, 2018’. Here is what some Nigerians had to say for the shut down of this show.

Mr. Adekoya who is a lawmaker from the House of representation says that “Nigeria, despite her development, remained a largely conservative society, adding that allowing “immoral” shows like the ‘Big Brother Naija’ to be broadcast in Nigeria could corrode the minds of the younger generation, especially teenagers”. From my point i agree with him, because i have watched it before and i cant really tell what the message is and what the youths especially teenagers can learn from this.

Here are what some Nigerian personalities from Writers, Media personality, Interior designer and Aspiring presenter in as much as millions of Nigerians would always have to vote for contestants to either get evicted or remain, but we should not forget that if this show must continue it should be something the younger generations must be able to learn from and that is not what this reality Tv portrays at all.

Ejike Kanife (Writer) – Ejike states that in as much as he respect every other Nigerian vote but the contestants do nothing different than to what people do regularly and there is nothing new to learn from this show as he finds them just been isolated.

Esther Bamiloshin (Media Personality) – Esther states that “there is nothing educational and impactful to learn in as much as this media is trying to sell its product to audience, but she only take on glimpse on it”.

Ngozi Jude ( Aspiring Presenter) – Ngozi states that “This show is irrelevant as it doesn’t contribute anything relevant to youths and there are no morals anyone can learn here in as much some other people watch it and that they money which the winner is meant to take home can be used for something more important due to the economic recession n the country.

In my opinion i do not support this show at all in as much people watch and subscribe to it, with this kind of reality tv it would create a negative impact on the youth and would also give them free will to act in a disturbed manner which would affect the society.