Cyber-Bullying: Pay per comment and other good ideas to make the internet a safer place

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I should first point out the element of sarcasm in the above headline however,  the idea of paying to comment on social media sites was proposed today by Irish senator  Eamon Coghlan as a potential means of combating cyber bullying.

He went on to suggest that people could register for an IP address using their passport numbers. The internet was quick to react and as you can see below his ideas were not well received.

Bullying is a serious issue whether it is online or offline, but restricting a societies access to the internet out of fear of what someone might say or do is not the solution. With over 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube and 270,000 words written in Blogger every minute not to mention the 700 Facebook status updates and 600 tweets that are posted every second it is clear that there is an enormous amount of information being posted online. How much of this content is generated by online bullies? Who will police the internet to stop the bullies? Perhaps we need draconian laws put in place in the off chance that someone is offended online or perhaps we need to use common sense and make informed decisions. Google has a guide advising families on how to protect themselves online. When it comes to inappropriate content the guide states “we count on our millions of community users to report abuse and inappropriate content.” The internet is a network of people communicating not all of it will be pleasant but it is better that people work together to stamp out the bullies rather than have one all-powerful overseer who decides what is appropriate and what is not.


Here is a link to a survey on Bullying and Social Media If you could spare a few minutes to complete it and check back later and I will publish the results here.

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Update March 8 2013


The results to the Bullying and social media survey are as follows:

1.Would you pay to use social networking sites like Twitter or facebook?

Yes 9.5%

No 90.5%

2. Do you think people should be allowed anonymity online?

Yes 80%

No 20%

3. Have you ever been bullied on a social networking website (like Facebook or Twitter)?

Yes 14.3%

No 81%

Not Sure 4.8%

4. How do you think the problem of online bullying could be dealt with?

  • More education, not regulation 6/3/2013 23:25
  • Parents need to take control. 6/3/2013 23:22
  • Parental control of rabid evil teenagers. Seriously. Where are the parents? 6/3/2013 22:06
  • Block the offenders from the victim, these options are already in place. 6/3/2013 21:53
  • In schools. They don’t address bullying at all, and usually allow it to exist. Only natural that it manifests online! 6/3/2013 21:32
  • plenty of options for reporting inaprpriate behaviour and feedback to confirm that action is being taken 6/3/2013 21:31

  • I think certain issues have arison with the take down policies of certain major social networking sites..These should be reviewed and further action made against cyber bullying. Paying for these sites or having to register personal information such as passport numbers is a disgrace and invasion of privacy. 6/3/2013 21:31

  • Monitoring from parents for younger users. 6/3/2013 21:02

  • education, awareness, threats and bullying online should be criminalized 6/3/2013 20:55

  • It starts at childhood/early teens. If greater care is taken by parents, and even schools, to teach kids how vast and powerful the internet is, it would make a huge difference. There’s an attitude that the internet is a ‘toy’ amongst teenagers. Curtailing that attitude is important. 6/3/2013 20:53

  • By creating more awareness among the user of this problem, as Im sure that we know at least one person that has been bullied. 6/3/2013 20:48

  • Less anonymity. 6/3/2013 20:32

  • Using the IP address to hold people accountable, using log in data for accounts to verify who it is. 6/3/2013 20:26

  • Use of the delete key 6/3/2013 20:26

  • suspension op IP address from ISP’s, Ecommerce lock out 6/3/2013 20:26

  • Being able to report people and having the option to not allow anon comments 6/3/2013 20:22


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