Croatian Student Television – From Basement to National Broadcast

1002729_474447402641691_1865982419_nSource: TV Student / translation: Smart, Open, Curious – Create your own television

Televizija Student (Student TV) broadcasted its first minutes on November 6th 2012 in Croatia. Since then, a team of students and lecturers on Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb have been creating television programme every day. What was once just the idea born in the heads of a small group of students in the basement of Faculty of Political Science in 2002 has now become a real TV station broadcasted throughout Croatia.

Televizija Student is completely run by students and their mentors and is now broadcasting every day on two different platforms – on the Internet and the national television station HRT. Its original idea was to create a platform where students from different courses can express their creativity and opinions.

One of the most important facts about TV Student is that this TV station is completely financially independent from the state or any other sources. Students and lecturers that participate in creating its programme work on TVS as volunteers or as a part of their Video Journalism course. Students even finance their projects themselves when it comes to buying needed equipment, such as cassette tapes or SD cards for cameras, batteries for microphones or any other necessity. Other stuff are either given to TVS as a donation (cameras, microphones, camera stands) or bought by lecturers and students themselves.

TVS Photo credits: Private

The role of a main editor on TV Student belongs to Igor Mirković, famous television journalist, war and political reporter, documentary movie maker and a lecturer on Faculty of Political Science.

Project Manager of TV Student is Tena Perišin, a long term television journalist who also works for Croatian public broadcasting service and is a Harvard University Film Studies graduate, as well as Head of TV Journalism faculty on Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb.

598532_374099762676456_1519463442_n-745x496Photo cresits: TV Student / on picture: Igor Mirković and Tena Perišin

Each show that is being broadcasted on TVS has its own student editor. They change on a weekly period, giving everyone an equal chance on participating in creating a TV show. Some of them, however, work full time on TV Student and have a permanent editor role on some of the shows.

Following student editors, there are student journalists and researchers, as well as cameramen and student technicians.

Students usually choose their own stories to cover and then discuss them with other student editors. For a story to be fully approved for covering, it has to be approved by lecturers who work as main editors. Students then search for their own sources, cover the story in groups consisting of one journalist/researcher, one cameraman and one technician, and then send it to their editors for approval. The last step is broadcasting their story within one of TVS daily shows. Some of the stories turn out to be completely suitable for the third programme of Croatian Radio Television (HRT 4) so they get to be broadcasted nationally in digital signal.

In 2012 students working for TV Student won BEA Awards in Las Vegas for the best student educational video with their show called Cro ID – Who Are We, Tko Smo Mi?


 Photo credits: Mislav Šćukanec Rezniček / Students at the BEA Awards

To find more about this student project you can visit TV Student’s official web site.

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