Class A Drugs Legal in Ireland for 24 Hours

Ireland to be covered in neon tonight as ravers have gotten the go ahead from the government to throw a HUGE party.

Ok well not entirely true… However Irish government strikes again after several Class A drugs become legal in Ireland for 24 hours.

Ecstasy legal in Ireland
Few ravers there; credit

The Court of Appeal ruled the Misuse of Drugs Act 1977 void this morning due to some additions to the law that have not yet gone through Irish parliament. Cue politicians running absolutely mental around the Dail!

Ecstasy, Ketamine and Crystal Meth (for you breaking bad lovers out there) are now legal in Ireland until tomorrow. Cocaine, cannabis and heroin fall under a different law and are still illegal.

An emergency meeting is being held in the Dail later this evening to try and rectify this mistake but a temporary legislation is going to take some time so until then Ireland is pretty much a free-for-all for anyone who is into that sort of thing.

Me? I think I’ll leave it to The Wolf of Wall Street. Popcorn anyone?

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