Christmas Countdown.

Yesterday, while on my lunch-break from work I went out for a walk (of course forgetting my phone- so I couldn’t take a picture).

But as I walked down a back street and passed a Bicycle Shop where I noticed in the window a “countdown to Christmas”. I couldn’t believe my eyes, ALREADY, who really wants to know that it is …. days to Christmas, it seems like the last one was only yesterday.

But that wasn’t all, while in the Cafeteria in College on Thursday last, there was a girl wearing a Christmas jumper. To me, this is way to early, why have we to be thinking about  Christmas already?

Can we not wait until at least after the summer. In our house, we are lucky if we even have the Christmas tree up in time for Christmas Day, it’s not really that big of a deal in our house.

But what I want to know, is how you feel, do you think that the countdown to Christmas is too early?

Below I have shared a link to a Christmas count Down clock, for all those who are excited to get into the Christmas Spirit Early.


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