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Photo Credit- Pinterest

We The Kings band member, Charles Trippy and his wife, Alli have officially announced their separation, the reason being they were fighting too much preventing them leading a happy life. Some of you may know him better for his YouTube Channel, CTFxC. The two came across on camera as the perfect match, a couple that many would strive to emulate in their own life. Having made videos for the last five years, documenting their weddingCharle’s surgery for brain cancer, and many other major life moments all shared online with their 1.4 million and growing subscriber fan base.


It was a shock to many as Charles took to his YouTube Channel to break the news. Unfortunately they had already made their video for April Fool’s Day with the caption, ‘Well, IM PREGNANT!!’ With the last week of videos being upbeat and happy as usual it came as a shock to fans to learn the news with many questioning his legitimacy or whether it was a cruel late April Fool’s Day joke. It wasn’t and as we all know that the Internet can be a cruel and evil place as well as a positive outlet, many people began questioning whether one of the couple had been unfaithful.

There are many positives and negatives with putting your life online for the world to watch, judge, encourage, and follow. Many people have the perception that YouTuber’s lives are perfect and this can often cause viewers to become somewhat obsessed with following and showing their devote love to their favourite YouTuber. Vloggers as they are known for sharing their daily life have the power of editing to their own taste unlike an actual ‘reality’ television show. Many YouTuber’s like The Shaytards make the decision to only show the positive aspects of their life to try encourage their followers especially if they are having a bad day. Having said that, as viewers of people’s lives we need to remember these YouTubers are human too, they have feelings, issues, good days, bad days, tragedies, and so on. No one is perfect and neither are they.

YouTube Comment- Photo Credit - YouTube

YouTube Comment- Photo Credit – YouTube

Yeah, I could be one of the media who only writes the horrible stories but just like many of the Youtubers try to do, lets look at the positives rather than the negatives. In a world where separation and divorce is rampant, everyone at least knows someone who has been or is going through a divorce. It’s a difficult and upsetting time but throwing 1.4 million viewers in the mix is just unbearable to think of.

Twitter comments that cause even more pressure in a difficult situation- Photo Credit- Twitter

Twitter comments that cause even more pressure in a difficult situation- Photo Credit- Twitter

Photo Credit- Tumblr

Photo Credit- Tumblr

Although people probably won’t take their reason as the truth for their split because lets be honest everyone wants a juicy scandalous dramatic story. The mainstream media are forever feeding us lies and rumours.  Hopefully there are some respectful fans out there who will just wish the two of them the best and support their friendship.