Equality Photo Credit: Amelia Wells. https://www.flickr.com/photos/speculummundi/

Equality in Irish Sports for Women

What is the problem with women’s sports in Ireland? Well for starters, it doesn’t get enough recognition. If you asked most people in this country to name three players at least on the Ireland rugby…

Media depiction of major events in society

Media depiction of major events in society

Media can depict a tremendous event as a little one, and a smaller event as gigantic one. Now and then, it relies upon its viewership or readership, and would readership be able to direct media…

How to spot a Norwegian in Griffith College

Have you ever held the door for someone or said hi to a fellow student and gotten no reply? Are they being impolite, direct, sit alone, and give off an eerie, cold feeling? Not to fret, they not being rude, they are probably just Norwegian.

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