The ideal woman?

Barbie – an ideal woman?

This beautiful blonde doesn’t look like she’s 56. She is dressed by the very best modelers of the world. She poses for magazine covers and changes professions faster than you thought. She is always smiling. ...
Skin Perfection - Photo Credit - photonetworkgroup

Makeup Tips: All you need to know

Beautiful Makeup Magic - Skin Care - Photo Credit - Tor Kristensen(flickr) I think I've tried every brand that was glamorised on TV or advertised by celebs until I got some sense! Do you ever have a day ...
House of Colour hair salon

Best Hair Salon in Dublin

House of Colour - Photo Credit - Jeanne Measom Finding a good hair salon has proven to be difficult.  Having been a New York City resident I was spoiled for choice.  NYC has some of the best hair salons in ...