Carriages have for long being the only way of traveling from a place to another. Ancestor of the car,  created centuries ago, it was mostly used by the bourgeoisie in the 18th Century.

If we think about it as a royalty accessory of previous times, it is still possible to find it noways. Obviously, it is no longer used as it was 300 years ago but in some places such as in Dublin, it became an indispensable attraction for tourists.

On a sunny day, I have gone to meet Jerry Cummins a coachman in Dublin.

Jerry Cummins’ carriage in front of St Strephen’s Green, Dublin © Léopoldine Iribarren

Jerry Cummins has been a coachman pretty much his whole life. A job that he describes more as a hobby. His 3 horses that live with him. He transports tourists from everywhere: England, France, Germany, China…

I have lots of clients! It is very interesting to meet them as they all come from different parts of the world.

For a carriage tour, you have to count between 25€ (for a short one), up to 70€ for an hour. However, the expensive price of the activity does not seem to dampen spirits and tourists are very excited about it.

It is a bit expensive indeed but going on a carriage tour is a good way to discover the city, an alternative to buses city tour. Not to mention it is funnier” attests Maria, a Spanish tourist.

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