Cape Town: Holiday on the bright side?

Beautiful sunrise on a beach in Cape Town.
The magical morning light of South Africa.

In South Africa the clocks are ticking differently ­– and that doesn’t only apply to time. South Africa is not one of the countries that you should travel to unprepared. Although, the abolishment of the apartheid is two decades ago the undercurrent of its effects  are still flowing through the society. Furthermore comes the divide between rich and poor. Headlines about high criminality and brutal crimes of violence make one quickly forget about the progress the country has made in the last few years. That also includes the fact that South Africa has set new standards in tourism. More and more visitors appreciate the variety of landscapes and thrilling wildlife, the mild climate, the good hotels and the outstanding food. And all of that – thanks to the advantageous exchange rate – for comparatively low prices.


Let’s spend a perfect day in Cape Town!

Enjoying the admirable weather and the beauty of the city. Endless beaches, funny stores, and excellent restaurants: Here are some nice addresses for your next Cape Town holiday.

You don’t have to get up as early as the inhabitants of Cape Town that are running along the Greenpoint promenade in the magical morning light. The view over the sea is still enchanting to a later point of time.

Beautiful sunrise on a beach in Cape Town.
The magical morning light of South Africa. Photo Credit: megapixelll

For breakfast we are heading to the little café “La Petite Tarte” in the Waterkant quarter. It has the finest French pastries, and is in close proximity to the Cape Town quarter where there are many nice stores. Then head to Woodstock to look for the newest trends on the Albert Road. Here you’ll find  old factories, business parks, and garages which were rebuilt and taken over by young artists and designers. Results: “The Foundry”, “Salt Circle”, “Woodstock Exchange” and “The Old Biscuit Mill” – all  beautiful places to dawdle, with little stores, galleries, work shops, and bistros. These few square meters are enough to see why Cape Town got nominated as World Design Capital 2014.

The roof deck of the Old Biscuit Mill.
The Old Biscuit Mill: A vibrant, warm-hearted little village in the heart of Woodstock where talented people come together to share, collaborate and show off the heart-felt passion. Photo Credit: Andrew Grier

For our lunch we are enjoying food in the “Pot Luck Club” on top of the “The Old Biscuit Mill” silo, a former mill; the tapas are exquisite, the prices affordable. From there right into the green, feeding the gentle squirrels in Company Gardens, where the rainbow nation South Africa passes the park bench: acrobats, fiddlers, tai chi groups, black, coloured, white.

Natives enjoying the sunset and picnic on Signal hill in Cape Town.
Natives enjoying the sunset on Signal hill in Cape Town. Photo Credit: micwin

Even more spectacular, is the sunset over the Atlantic, which natives like to celebrate by driving up to Signal hill with their picnic blankets and white wine. A great panoramic view over the city and sea! People who prefer to drink out of a stemware glass are sitting right on the terrace of the “Wakame” in Mouille Point, a Japanese restaurant with an ocean view.

Dinnertime! The best choice for that is the “Five Flies” in the city centre. The unusual architecture of this restaurant extends over several floors of an old-style cape-dutch house. The cuisine is new south African in style with lots of meat, fish and sae food on the menu. For a Karoo lamb with sides you are paying less the 15 Euro.

On top of the roof deck of hotel Grand Daddy in Cape Town. You can see one of the silver Airstreams at night.
On top of the roof deck of hotel Grand Daddy in Cape Town. Photo Credit: thevintagelaundry

And after? Go out on Long Street – But not the way you usually would with crowded bars and clubs. A tour over the roofs and balconies would be much nicer, right? Beginning with the roof deck of the “Grand Daddy” hotel, where you can also book one of the seven silver vintage caravans for spending the night. The bar under the open sky is open for everyone; often there is live music. From here you can make your way from one balcony to the next one: “Purple Turtle”, “Sgt. Pepper”, “Timbuktu Cafe”, “Feast”; “Royal Eatery”, “Space Bar” – to every drink you get a free view over remarkable houses.

Sgt. Pepper: The colorful building of the bar
Sgt. Pepper on Longstreet in Cape Town. Photo Credit: coda

At some point even the most curious person has to sleep: In the “Winchester Mansion”, a sound hotel with an ocean view, nice patio and Sunday morning jazz. Or in one of the lodges of the colourful “Waterkant Village”.

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