We have all been there, the time of day when you can’t think any more but you have to. Here are the top five things to do when you have crashed against the creative wall when trying to post a blog.

1. Have a look at Facebook

I like many other of my friends have got to some of our best articles by keeping an eye on Facebook. There is always a friend doing something interesting all you have to do is interview them on it.

2. See what is been said on Twitter

Twitter is a great medium for getting a message out there. Many organisations use Twitter to give their view on what is happening in the world. There is the option to private mail some of these organisations. It is often a great source to find an opinion on a new piece of legislation, a gig, or a sports event. If you need comment you can always private mail or tweet the commentator and get advice.


3. Have a look at other Blogs

Even if it is just to argue against their point of view, having a look at other blogs can be an inspiration. There are blogs available that are related to many interesting areas and people often have interesting views. Reading some of these views can be a great support in giving you ideas in what you want to write.

4. Flick through the apps

Youtube, Vine, Instagram, TedTalks etc. all are great source of stimulation and can get you mind engaged in its creative side. I find many talks on TedTalks inspirational and they really do give you good topics to research and write about.


5. Do not give up

If all else fails, write a blog about what to do when you don’t know what to write. Failing that do an Ernest Hemingway on it while you ‘write drunk, edit sober’