Bubble Tea – Don’t Say You Haven’t Tried It Yet!

Bubble Tea Image courtesy of bubblicity.ie
Bubble Tea Dublin courtesy of Bubblicity (Facebook)
Bubble Tea Dublin courtesy of Bubblicity (Facebook)

Every now and again, little gems designed to tickle our taste buds and delight our senses are released into the market. None quite so ‘feel good’, moreish or addictive as Bubble Tea.  And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, get yourself out into Dublin City Center as quickly as physics will allow and try it!

Bubble tea can also be referred to as tapioca tea, pearl milk tea and boba tea. Invented in the 1980s, it came into existence as a tea-based drink that was sold in tea-shops in Taiwan. Bubble Tea is a tea-based drink that can be mixed with milk, blended ice or fruit flavours.

While Bubble Tea is a joy forever, ordering for the first time can actually be a bit confusing. Here’s how it works;

Step 1 – Find Your Nearest Bubblicity Shop

Georges Street Arcade and Middle Abbey Street (a few doors down from Pennys, opposite The Academy) are two locations that you can take your pick from to go and purchase your sunshine in a plastic cup.

Step 2 – Red, White, Green or Black?

When you approach the lovely person behind the counter (someone who is on the cusp of making your day a fantastic one), you have the choice of telling them if you would like green tea, red tea, black tea or milk as the base of your tea.  The black tea is caffeine free, slighter sweeter than normal tea and well worth a try.

Bubble Tea Image courtesy of bubblicity.ie
Bubble Tea Image courtesy of bubblicity.ie

Step 3 – Choosing Your Flavour

There are over 250 flavours you can choose to add to your tea depending where you are in the world, but I’ve narrowed it down to those available in Dublin. You can have your tea flavoured with kiwi, coconut, banana, strawberry, green apple, plum, blueberry, peach, lychee, cherry, marshmallow, coffee, caramel, avocado, mango and passion fruit (to name but a few).

Step 4 – You Want Pobbles With That?

“What are pobbles?!” I hear you ask. Well,  pobbles are pretty much what give Bubble Tea the ‘bubble’ part of its title. They are pearls of colour that, when sucked up through the straw given with your drink, burst in your mouth to release fruit flavours that compliment the tea you are drinking. Pobbles come in the majority of the flavours mentioned above, but you can also get natural yoghurt flavoured ones. They sink to the bottom of your cup, waiting to be summoned by you.

As well as pobbles, you can get black tapioca pearls or mixed jellies. Getting a little bit of all three instead of just choosing one is never a mistake.

For the love of pobbles, courtesy of bubblicity.ie
For the love of pobbles, courtesy of bubblicity.ie

Step 5 – Shake It!

Your beverage is carefully placed into a mechanical cocktail shaker, where all the ingredients and flavours are mixed about together. After a few minutes, it is finished, your cup is heat sealed and your bubble tea is ready to go!

No matter what the weather is doing, there is never a bad time for Bubble Tea. Feeling down? Cheer yourself up almost instantly. Having a great day? Add to the happiness with the fruit fusions. Bored? Entertain yourself by mixing a few fruit flavours together. I would highly recommend getting a red tea with plum and cherry fruit flavours and lychee pobbles, tuttie fruity jellies and, of course, the tapioca pearls.

The staff is always happy when creating your drink to share their own favourites and recommendations, just in case you find yourself stuck for inspiration. You can get a medium or a large sized cup, and if you have the time, those serving you will always be happy to have a chat while you enjoy your beverage, especially if you are a first-timer.

If you’re interested in trying out Bubble Tea, you can catch up with the Bubblicity team at the following links;

Twitter: @Bubblicityjuice         Facebook: Bubblicity      Web Address: www.bubblicity.ie


Bubble Tea courtesy of Bubblicity (Facebook)
Bubble Tea courtesy of Bubblicity (Facebook)

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