Bo Burnham: Comedy ‘prodigy’ lights up Vicar Street

Bo Burnham by Cary Lee
Bo Burnham, a photo by Cary Lee on Flickr.


He started by making videos of himself in his room singing his own songs, and overnight became a YouTube sensation. Bo Burnham has dramatically come into the public eye. Just three years after his first YouTube post, he was touring the world performing his own comedy shows.

Bo is a musical comedian and comparisons between him and comedians such as Tim Minchin and Bill Bailey are never ending. However, there is an endless amount of innovation as well as originality in what Burnham performs. At just 23, he is one of the most up and coming comedians in the world right now.

His 2013 show ‘What’ was released on YouTube in December and the hour long segment has already had over 2 million views. This success is nothing new to Burnham; one of his first uploads to YouTube ‘I’m Bo Yo’ has now hit over 20 million views. His success online has helped him to no end because, when he was just 18, he was the youngest comic in history to be given his own special on comedy central.

His hour long YouTube special ‘What’, is a laugh a minute show. He is the modern comedian by using meticulous preparation and not sticking to the standard conforms of a comedy show. It is a decorative show and by use of lighting as well as amazingly enthralling songs, he attracts his audience. Some of his songs such as ‘Hashtag deep’, ‘Sad’ and ‘Repeat Stuff’ will be stuck in your head for days after. He sarcastically calls himself ‘a sociopath’ and ‘a genius’ but in reality, those are the traits you need to be as funny as he is.

Burnham came to Ireland in November and he played in Vicar Street in Dublin in front of a sold out crowd on the 7th. He performed his 2013 show ‘What’ and it was another special night in the history of Vicar Street and their eternal association with the comedy world.  Overall his success from his time here means that his Irish fans are waiting with bated breath until they hear of his next world tour.

Who is the best Comedian you have seen at Vicar Street? Is Vicar Street the best venue in Ireland for these shows? Comment your opinion below.

Here is a clip of Bo performing his song ‘Sad’:

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