Remember when your best option of spicing up your African print material was using just the basic embroidery and for the ladies the bridal satin, which not surprising were the “best”option your tailor would advice you to use. Indeed, they helped to add spice, style and most importantly colors to your outfits but at some point, you wanted more, right? Something to make a statement with and make you standout amid the crowd, especially after some tailors mixed your outfits with some of the most horrid and non-complimentary colors.

Well, the answer……. BLINGS!! like in the words of Rihanna “shine bright like a diamond” because that is exactly the effect they give.

The stoned African pattern is so assorted and its fluctuating hues make such a significant number of fantastic structures and styles conceivable. Everybody including the old and youthful and the lovely are everywhere on this pattern. The concept of bedazzling the African print cuts across genders because the male folks are not left out of this trend.

While some would just go mild with the bling’s some go all the all, and you can’t blame them, the more the better and guess what, you never go wrong with bling’s.

They help to give a long-lasting impression everywhere you go.

A bedazzled African men’s attire know as “Buba” photo credit; NV stones

For women, the wearing of bedazzled cloths has become a daily affair, in contrast to the cases of men who mostly wear them on special occasions like weddings because they what to look their best for the big day which happens once or twice (its really impossible to say now though).

The process of bedazzling cloths requires patience, a whole lot of time and creativity but it is neither impossible nor difficult to achieve. To create your design on your fabric, you need;

  • Rhinestones
  • Pressing iron
  • Fabric to create the design
  • Cotton
  • Water

Selecting your rhinestones

While picking the stones in the shop, you must remember that the bigger the stones, the duller and colorful the enhancement will look. Medium-sized ones look best of all. Medium and smaller sizes are typically used to finish the appearance of the enhancement and give it a completing touch. You ought to dependably buy more than the required amount of stones if a few stones tumble off (which usually happens by the way) or if you will require more than you’ve anticipated.

Create a pattern

It is important to create a pattern to work with to make your embellishment look neat and pleasing to the eyes. Make use of the pattern of the material you are working on and arrange the stones in line with this pattern.

Gluing the stones on the fabric

Now, cover the pattern you have created with your stones, with another cloth piece and turn on the iron. Pick a temperature for cotton things (generally speaking, it’s set apart on the iron with an image of cotton) and begin to press the iron gradually onto the parts where the stones are under the best paper layer. It’s permitted and even important to push on the iron yet be mindful so as to abstain from breaking of the stones. Keep the iron in one spot for around 20 to 30 seconds. Do this until you have completely covered all the parts the patterns have been created.

Viola!! your bedazzled outfit is done. Bedazzling is easy but time consuming, but in this world of DIY, why not?!

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