One of the most expected show of the year, Better call Saul have just been broadcast for the first time in the United States this Sunday.

The second show created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, Breaking bad’s authors, was really expected by the series fans. The spin-off announced last June, would reveal us the before and after Breaking bad, since the beginning of Better call Saul takes place seven years before it. We would then find back in it the same characters as in the very famous show, except this one would have as main character, the lawyer Saul Goodman, who appeared in the second season of Breaking bad.

Already adulated by critics and fans, Better call Saul appears as a risky exercise, and even maybe an unconfessed way to extend Breaking bad’s success. Nevertheless, this Sunday, the first episode of the spin-off, met a real success on AMC, and put up an audience record : the episode total up to 6,9 million viewers. It realized the best success of the American cable history.

Now, it remains to be seen if this show, whose main character seems only consist in a miserable and shady lawyer so far, will spark the same enthusiasm as its previous. For now, we can hardly imagine where this story will take us.