Best Eye Make up Tips and Tricks

As they say eyes are the windows to the soul, so we like to make those windows look as interesting and intriguing as possible don’t we?  Whether its eyeliner, eye shadow, brows or lashes everyone has one make up must with their eyes that finishes off every look. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to pull off new eye make up looks and ways to improve your technique on others.




Line em up:

The first is a video by Youtuber Naturallybellexo. In this video you’ll find 9 different eyeliner techniques from everyday natural looks to more dramatic. This video is great not only because it can give you a few new ideas for your eyeliner but the demonstrations for each are easy to follow. This talks you through looks from the basic liner wing or flick to more thicker and fuller looks.


The Bigger the Better:

This video shows you an easy make up technique to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Its by famous Youtuber Carli Bybel who is probably one of the biggest make up and fashion Youtubers around at the moment. Again her videos are great because she makes it easy to follow, She also has great videos for brows and lashes which have great tips for drawing attention to the eyes again.


Lash Lift:

One of the biggest make up trends at the moment everyone is after is the look of longer and fuller lashes. There are lots of different techniques to achieve this but this video shows you a simple way to transform your lashes in seconds. Its by Youtuber Mirellabellebeauty and she discusses a couple of different mascaras brands and brushes as well. As she says in the video this look can make your eyelashes seem fake so it may be a bit much for those of you who prefer a more natural look.

Also another great tip for drawing attention to your eyes that most people tend to forget is choosing an eye shadow to bring out your eye colour. Whether you have blue, brown or green eyes there are colour palates that will make your eye colour pop, not everyone agrees on the colours or that it really works but play around with the colours for your eye colour and see which one works for you.



Have you tried any of these techniques and if so which works best for you?


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