Victoria Roren

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Aerial Acrobatics - Photo Credit Victoria Roren

Aerial Acrobatics – Taking Flight Dublin

Katrín Aagestad Gunnarsdóttir: The Acrobat. Hanging upside down from the silks gives her a thrill. She started doing Aerial Acrobatics when she moved to Dublin two months ago, and she has already done her first drop.  Watch…

Yoga in Mysore, India -Photo Credit Helene Solheim

Guest post: Try Yoga in Mysore, India

“Take a deep breath.”  I take a deep breath and extend my arms to the sky. It’s relaxing, but quite unfamiliar for a stiff body. I try to control my breathing and at the same…

The Doors of Dublin - Photo credit: Victoria Roren

The Doors of Dublin in 30 Seconds

Dublin, maybe at the first glance a little gray and dull, but the Doors of Dublin are most certainly not. You probably have heard about the famous “Doors of Dublin”. And even if you have…

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