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6 the facts of having long-distance relationship

There are a lot of articles write about long distance relationship such as how to maintain a long-distance relationship? Or some best tips on making a long-distance relationship work. However, this article is focusing on…

Google Headquarter in Dublin - PhotoCredit Anne Truong

Why do Asian students study abroad and remain abroad?

At present, the proportion of students choosing to go abroad to pursue studies at university is increasing. There are approximately one million Asians who leave their countries to study, and don’t return following their graduation.…

Vietnam road - PhotoCredit Flickr John6536

8 Things to Know Before You Travel to Asia

Many visitors share idea about carrying cash when they use public toilets when travelling in some Southeast Asia countries. Asia is considered an attractive destination, especially for those who love to travel and explore the local culture.…

It is time to let go - Photo Credit Flick admitchell08

5 ways to move on after break-up

The break-up of a romantic relationship is a painful period which everybody should experience at least one time in life. Being strong is quite important, but it is hard initially. You should be honest with…

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