Tara McHugh

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Colourful drawer pulls to modernise old boring furniture. Photo Credit - Steph L (Flickr)

Personalising your rental apartment

More young couples are renting in Ireland today than ever before. For many of us, buying an option at the minute or any time in the near future. A common dilemma for many people renting…

Frances Fitzgerald, Tánaiste and Minister for Justice and Equality. Photo Credit - Department of Children & Youth Affairs (Flickr)

Reformed Domestic Violence Bill 2017

Frances Fitzgerald, Tánaiste and Minister for Justice and Equality, published the Domestic Violence Bill 2017, last February. The new Domestic Violence Bill improves the protections available to domestic violence sufferers, whilst also ensuring that Ireland…

Colosseum, Rome, Photo Credit (Author's Own)

Three Days in Rome, Italy

Fed up of work and need a few days to recharge? The city break is the perfect reason to jet off for a few days. More and more people are taking multiple city breaks throughout…

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