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How normal e-cigarettes are. Photo Credit: Mike Mozart (Flickr)

Is there need for an Irish E-cigarette regulator?

The topic of e-cigarettes has become a rather divisive one. The recent reports of sub-standard batteries exploding which is both terrifying and hard to watch. And, unfortunately, it has claimed its first fatality. However, the story…

Harvester game box. Photo Credit: Indusfr (Flickr)

10 Strange Games You Should Probably Play

Ever since Steam dropped their standards for submission, there have been an alarming amount of games flooding the service. Outside of the usual AAA games, there have been some indie games that are pretty innovative.…

The eternal Netflix loading screen. Photo Credit: John Pasden (Flickr)

On Demand Fireplaces? Now Available On Netflix

The recent Netflix updates saw the usual string of releases being shoved onto the streaming service. You can now watch the insane nineties tribute “Turbo Kid” or “Look Who’s Back” starring a time-travelling Hitler. However,…

Pretty much how I see math. Photo Credit: Seth Goodman (Flickr)

What is the Most Successful Film?

It’s a question which really plagues a lot of movie fans: “What makes a successful film?”. There have been plenty of films which failed to draw a crowd but was a critical darling. At the…

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