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American Football. Image Credit:

10 Pubs to Watch NFL in Dublin (Map)

NFL is always great to watch, if you are into American Football. The 2016-17 regular seasons has four more weeks to go which will be followed by playoffs. It is getting interesting this year as…

Image Credit: Irish Times

Six Facts About Undocumented Migrants In Ireland

Migrant Right Centre Ireland (MRCI) estimates that there are 20,000 and 26,000 undocumented migrants-including children and families-living and working in Ireland majority of whom have been here for many years   A group coordinated by…


Cryonics: A Hope to Transcend Death

The term ‘Cryonics’ floated in  British and Irish media last week after a 14 year old British girl who died after a terminal cancer battle won the right to have her body frozen in an…

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