Ivona Poljak

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Climate Change science (Timeline)

Development of climate change science has a long history. From first industrial revolution, humans have had a negative impact on the Earth’s atmosphere. Scientists have been exploring this phenomenon, and warning about consequences for over…

Street artist tagging the wall at the Bernard Shaw event/ Still from the documentary disturbing the comfortable

Best pieces of Dublin street art (map)

If you are a lover of street art, Dublin City Centre is the right place for you.   Like all other art movements, street art was breaking the rules of beauty, conception, and space. Since…

Sarah Palin, hunting for a job as energy director/ Credit: Ivona Poljak

Trump’s White House Cabinet in pictures

Donald Trump is slowly setting up his cabinet, choosing wisely his closest advisors. A week of mourning has officially ended and for some people, it’s time to act and laugh. Whether it’s by protesting or…

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