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Adele - Photo credit: Christopher Macsurak (Flickr)

Hello From Adele’s Ex Boyfriend

When asked to play a cover of Adele’s “Hello”, Norwegian soul band The Band Called Oh chose to sing the story from the ex boyfriend’s point of view. The band was invited to the Norwegian…

Breaking Benjamin frontman, Benjamin Burnley, broke his Star Wars Battlefront disc after getting asked to give positive reviews in exghange for money.

Breaking Benjamin Frontman Breaks Star Wars Game

Electronic Arts (EA) recently released their new shooting game Star Wars: Battlefront, and as a part of their marketing campaign, they supposedly contacted Breaking Benjamin frontman, Benjamin Burnley. Burnley claims EA wanted to give him…

Game developers working hard or hardly working at last years Indie Train Jam. Photo Credit: Izzy Gramp.

Indie Train Jam Sets New Ticket Sale Record

In April, 160 game developers are set to prepare for the Game Developers Conference by riding a train all the way from Chicago to San Francisco as a part of the 3rd annual Indie Train Jam,…

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